Professional Detailing Services

Automobile detailing is the practice of performing extremely thorough cleaning, polishing, buffing and waxing of the interior and exterior to produce a show-quality finish.  Washing and waxing your car on your own is good, but improper application of exterior finishes can often cause unnecessary imperfections to your car’s exterior.

Buffalo Car Care has been offering state of the art detailing services and hand car washing since 2009.

A vehicle that is professionally detailed by BCC on a regular basis will maintain a higher value, resale price, look its best and not to mention it makes you feel great!  Additionally, you and your passengers are exposed to the environment inside your vehicle every time you use it.  A clean interior will drastically cut down health hazards/allergens and impress your guests throughout your travels.  A clean car is a reflection of your personality!

Detailing your car is considered routine MAINTENANCE. You maintain your car mechanically by getting tune-ups and oil changes, right? You rotate your tires, don’t you? Well, you also need to maintain your car’s cosmetic condition to keep its value.

Our staff has been professionally trained and knows how to make your car look like new!

BCC specializes in Exotics, Vintage & Classic Cars, Import & Domestics and Daily Drivers.  Our services are focused on each individual vehicles needs and can get it presentable to drive or ready for concours d’elegance!