Paint Reconditioning Services

We have created these packages to permanently correct paintwork suffering from contamination, environmental fallout, surface scratches, marring, swirls, trails and more. Every vehicle needs a consultation prior to booking these services.

  • Decontamination / Clay Service

    Starting at$100+ tax
  • Gold Hand Wash followed by our premium iron-x service to remove all iron and metal particulates left behind from brake dust and other contaminants (those small orange dots), synthetic clay bar service on entire vehicle including paintwork and all glass.

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True Cut Compound + Polish
  • Paint Correction (Buffing and Polishing)

    Starting at$295+ tax
  • Starting at price includes a single stage buff with one of our true cut compounds. This service will not hide scratches, our compounds contain no oils or fillers. Depending on the condition of the paintwork, multiple stages may be recommended and will be quoted by our paint technician upon vehicle consultation.

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