Details Matter

Maintenance Services

  • Hand Car Wash

    Average Size Vehicle$25+ tax
  • Wash vehicle with Optimum No Rinse solution, dry vehicle with premium microfiber towels, clean wheel faces, dress tires.

  • Basic Interior Detail

    Average Condition Vehicle$25+ tax
  • High Pressure Cleaner on Dash, Center Consul and All Doors, Clean Windows, Door Jambs, and Vacuum Seats, Floors, and Mats.

Express Services

  • Optimum Car Wax

    Service$40+ tax
  • A combination of high-grade carnauba wax, sealant polymers and UV inhibitors form a protective layer on the painted surface to protect the paint from sun damage and environmental elements for up to 5 months.
    Must Purchase Wash.

The Ultimate
  • Hyper Seal

    Service$50+ tax
  • Opti-Coat Hyper Seal is The Ultimate maintenance solution to help prevent bonding of contamination such as hard water deposits, bug splatter and other airborne contamination.  Opti-Coat Hyper Seal creates a super slick surface for easy cleaning in high pollution environments.  Up to 6 months of protection.

  • Carpet Shampoo and Protect

    Service$65+ tax
  • Vehicle carpets are vacuumed to remove loose debris.  Stains are then pre-treated with an alkaline based cleaner to remove even the most stubborn stains.  Optimum Fabric Clean and Protect is then applied to the carpets and floor mats, and the residual debris is extracted from the surface with a hot water extractor.  Carpets are left clean and fresh with protection against future stains for up to one year!
    Must Purchase Basic Interior.

Detail Services

  • Interior Detail

    Starting At:$150+ tax
  • $150 Cars / $170 SUV, Crossover, & Trucks / $190 Vehicles with 3 Rows / $210 Minivans Price For Average Condition Vehicles

    Clean all large debris from vehicle and remove floor mats, pre-treat stains in upholstery, apply fabric cleaner and protectant, extract fabric to remove any deep or stubborn debris, clean and condition all leather surfaces, clean and condition all plastics, vinyl, and rubbers inside vehicle, wash windows inside and out, and clean door jambs.

Most Popular
  • Wash, Clay, Wax

    Package$100+ tax
  • Hand Car Wash, thoroughly clean wheels, apply tire dressing, clay entire vehicle surface to remove contaminants embedded in the paint, and apply our premium Optimum Car Wax for up to 5 months of protection!

  • Paint Correction

    Package$299+ tax
  • Paint correction is the process of permanently removing paint blemishes including swirl marks, light to moderate scratches, etching from environmental contaminants, and other paint defects from the paint.  Our process uses no fillers and will be customized to your vehicle to meet your specific needs!!

  • Decontamination Service

    Starting At:$100+ tax
  • Hand Car Wash, Power Clean Alkaline Bath, Ferrex Anti-Ferrous Remover, Mineral Deposit Removal Treatment, ONR Rinse and Dry.